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One of the key elements of the #girlgains movements is our regular events. We use these as an opportunity to bring the community together, to connect like-minded women and enable them to surround themselves with positive people. 

As the founders of #girlgains, we host events in London every month. These range from intimate self-development workshops through to seminars with inspiring women and workouts with hundreds of participants. We do the vast majority of these events off our own back, because our favourite thing in the world is meeting and empowering you! However, we have also collaborated on events with some of our favourite brands such as adidas, Marriott Hotels, Virgin Active and Aveda. 

We are also lucky enough to have incredible ambassadors across the globe from Sydney through to Switzerland. These strong, positive and pro-active women host local events to bring together a #girlgains community in their area. Honestly, it is our dream come true to see these women spread the #girlgains message of education, empowerment, self-love and balance to the wider world! We are so grateful to have them.

If you want to come to one of our events follow our instagram account @thegirlgains. We post all of our event information on there!

If you want to attend a local event in your area then you can find a list of our amazing ambassadors and their locations down below:


Birmingham - Beth

Essex Leila

Manchester Beth


HampshireHollyGirlGains Hampshire

East YorkshireMegan


Dorset Emily

Norwich/Norfolk - LindseyGirlGains Norfolk


Sussex Kayleigh

BuckinghamshireJenGirlGains Buckinghamshire


Scotland - IonaGirlGains Scotland

Wales - Steph/AbiGirlGains Wales

FranceAmandaGirlGains France

Dubai Amie

Sydney, AustraliaSteph/JosieGirlGains Aus

Miami, America Emily


DenmarkSarah JamillaGirlGains Denmark

The Girls: