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Zanna Van Dijk

Hey, I'm Zanna!

So who the devil am I? I'm a London based 23 year old blogger, vlogger and social media fanatic. I also work as a personal trainer and I'm an international fitness model signed with W Athletic. Oh and I am a full time peanut butter addict.

I recently graduated from The University of Sheffield with a first class degree, after which I went travelling and then moved to London. I originally planned to be here for 6 weeks... now its 7 months later and I haven't left! As a blogger I have travelled the world and worked with brands such as Nike, Nutri Bullet and Adidas. I have been featured as one of Women's Health magazines top fitness bloggers and been in other publications including Forbes, Elle, The Daily Mail, Women's Fitness and Mens Fitness magazines. I speak, I write, I create recipes, I produce video content.... Basically, I love the diverse nature of my job and have my fingers in many pies! Find out more about me here.

In terms of my fitness journey... I haven't had a huge spectacular or inspiring transformation. At school I avoided exercise like the plague and this continued into university. I ended up "skinny fat" aka slim but in poor shape with no muscle tone. I decided to make positive changes and try to improve my health. Over the course of my final two years at university I went through the process of learning about health and fitness, which I documented on my instagram account. There was lots of trials and errors, slip ups and mistakes. I started out being a "cardio bunny" and eating minimal food, thinking this was healthy. I ended up super slim but untoned, and I didn't enjoy my workouts. Thankfully, I found weight training which fast became my favourite form of exercise. I loved the way it made me feel - strong, powerful and in control of my body. I ate more and learned about nourishing and fueling my body; and by the time I finished university I was 7kg heavier than when I started, but in the best shape of my life. I went from being skinny to strong. I came out of university fitter, stronger and happier; having found a new passion. A passion which I ended up making my career.

One of my biggest passions in life is spreading a positive message, bringing women together and empowering them to believe in themselves and achieve great things. This was what #girlgains movement allows me to do. I get to spend my time with my two best friends, inspiring, educating and motivating women to be the best versions of themselves. Our events blow me away; the incredible energy the girls bring, the friendships they make and how inspired they feel afterwards. Enabling this to happen is the most rewarding experience in the world and I wouldn't trade it for a single thing.

Zanna xxx

Training Style?

Heavy lifting with an occasional sprints session.

Favourite Exercise?


Favourite Food?

Galaxy cookie crumble chocolate... but if we're talking healthy then I love a good British strawberry.

Biggest Inspiration?

My two best friends, Tal & Vic. Who inspire me everyday to stay positive, work hard and believe in myself.

Favourite #GirlGains Moment (So Far)?

I have "pinch me" moments all the time! I think a highlight for me so far has been seeing girls form true friendships as a result of the community, make whatsapp groups to support one another and go out together outside of the official #girlgains events. That is what this whole movement is about, creating a community; so to see this happening is amazing.