Ambassador Profile: Harriet.

Ambassador Profile: Harriet - GirlGains Community

Hiya, I’m Harriet. I’ve just graduated from Fashion Communication and now I’m figuring out my next step! My love of health and fitness has blossomed and become a huge part of me. It took over my life in the best way possible about 18 months ago, and hasn’t let me go since. It found me when I needed it most after struggling with moving to uni and not enjoying my time.

I realised that the gym answered my call. It gave me back what I put in and always responded. It has given me a clarity and a way to hold on to sanity when I need it.

Finding the Girl Gains showed me I’m not alone in this, and not alone in my crazy dream of empowering each and every woman out there. I want nothing more than for every girl I know to elevate each other and understand the power of their voices!

For now, I’m just trying to find the happiest possible course for my life.