Protein Pow x Girl Gains

Protein Pow x Girl Gains - GirlGains Event

Protein Pow x Girl Gains

Date: 19th March 2016, 2pm - 7pm

Location: London

On Saturday 19th March we hooked up with Anna Sward, Creator of Protein Pow, to Educate, Empower and Inspire 70+ amazing females!

We held the Event at Thirdspace Gym in Canary Wharf and transformed one of their studios into a seminar space/photo booth/ bake off room! 

The day began with us three taking the girls through our journeys. We educated them about weight training, and gave our top tips on how to find positivity, self love and self worth. Next Jacqueline Hurst, a former life coach, took the stage by a storm. She shared with the girls some of the techniques that she uses with her clients to help change their mindset. She made it clear to the girls that it is YOU who controls your thoughts. Many girls were left extremely touched, some even in tears! The final Talk of the day was lead by the ex-annorexic turned Yogi/aurthor, Nicola Hobbs! She shared her super inspiring story on how practising yoga completely transformed her mindset, allowing her to find peace with herself. She when went on to take the girls through 15 minutes of meditation- the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop! 

After feeding the mind with such positive talk, it was only right to feed the stomach! Anna took the girls through one of her epic Protein Pow workshops! We laid the tables with endless amounts of Meridian nut butter, Linwoods mixes and endless amounts of dried fruit, honey, coco powder from Holland and Barret. You name it, we had it! The girls had the chance get their hands dirty and create their very own protein bars or balls! We saw some AMAZING creations. 

To round the day up, the girls had the chance to take away some snaps from our photo booth ran by The lightBox company, as well as write on our motivational wall! We sent the girls away with incredible goodie bags, new fitness friends and a whole new outlook on themselves.