GirlGains 'Empower' Event

GirlGains 'Empower' Event - GirlGains Event

GirlGains 'Empower' Event

Date: 15th January 2016, 6:30-8-45pm

Location: Transition Zone Gym

There is no better girls night in, than one with a sweaty workout, lots of healthy treats and  strong, fit and fierce women!

We kicked off the new year in style with Claire from The Transition Zone, to bring our 'Fit and Fierce' event. 

We split the studio in 5 sections to form a HUGE circuit for the women. Vic gave the girls a tiring HIIT workout, Zanna Focused on a booty weights workout, Claire gave them a power plate workout, Tally was on the TRX and Lee pushed the girls to get their box on!

We then went on to refuel with some tasty high protein food from Fresh Fitness food and some Neat Nutrition Protein balls made by Claire. Next The Strength and Conditioning Coach, Lee, educated the girls on how to do the Perfect, Squat, RDL and Push Press. He touched on technique and various ways on how to progress and regress the exercises to suit their level!

We then opened up to the floor to fire over there burning questions for us to answer and give our views on. We touched on all things, fitness, foodie and balance! Claire also shared her success story and how she took the leap of faith to creating Transition Zone- inspiring the girls to follow their passion. 

We then left the girls to treat themselves to some retail therapy with Active in Style, and take endless amount of selfies in the LightBox Photo Booth! Obviously we sent them away with a goodie bag, a stronger mind and a huge smile!

A Friday night in at Transition Zone with #GirlGains! An introduction to Strength and Conditioning. Squat workshop. Circuits workout. Talks. Food. Q&A's. Build a strong body and a stronger mind in 2016