Fit and Fierce (lock in) with Transition Zone

Fit and Fierce (lock in) with Transition Zone - GirlGains Event

Fit and Fierce (lock in) with Transition Zone

Date: 15th January 2016, 6:30pm-9pm

Location: 17 Heathman's Rd, London SW6 4TJ

We kicked off the new year as we mean to go on - FIT & FIERCE! Since Claire from Transition Zone has fit and feirce written all over her, we HAD to collaborate with her and her amazing team to start this Girl gains year off with a bang!

The girls Rocked up to our Friday night lock in, and were welcomed with personalised badges with their names on and the workout station they were going to begin with. We had 5 completely different stations for the girls to circuit around- 

Vics- Bodyweight HIIT

Zanna- Kettle bell Lower body focus

Claire- Power plate workout 

Lee- Boxercise

Tally- TRX Upper body focus

It was safe to say the the final siren went off, the girls were high on endorphins and were sure they had been pushed to their limits! We then refuelled with chicken skewers and salmon pots from 'Fresh Fitness Foods' and 'Neat Nutriton' protein shakes, before taking a seat to listen to Lee the strength and conditioning coach, educate the girls on the perfect squat, over head press and RDL.

Claire had then devised a few questions to ask us girls about our view on training, cardio and nutrition, before we put the spotlight on her to share her story to success, which left a few girls teary eyed, but extremely inspired to take off and go get their own dreams!

We rounded up with some time to shop with ' Active in Style' and some time for the girl to get their pose on in the photo booth. Then off the girls went with a small goodie bag, a new friend and a mind filled with inspiration!