Ambassador Profile: Iona.

Ambassador Profile: Iona - GirlGains Community

Hello! I'm Iona Bruce, 24 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am currently a Personal Trainer at The Club Gym in Glasgow and run a fitness blog - This is still very new for me and very exciting so I can't wait to keep learning, progressing with my job, and helping as many people as I can. 3 times a week I am also a trampoline coach which I absolutely love and one day I hope I can combine this with personal training and become a strength and conditioning coach for athletes! I'm also a huge advocate for girls weightlifting and I can't wait to help more girls get involved and confident in working out.

I love the #girlgains movement and I am so excited to help spread the word because I think it's so important that everyone is given the chance to be the best version of themselves and be as happy as is possible. No one deserves to be negatively impacted, or to be controlled by anyone or anything, including those around them, their personal mindset or every day environments. However, I know life is not always that simple so I think what the support that the #girlgains provides is so important, and that while fitness is at its core, it is much more than that.

Whether that's just a remote sense of company to manage loneliness (like when I moved to Glasgow), meeting others who have experienced similar situations, helping with recovery journey's, or education in a range of issues from self love, business ideas, fitness or nutrition, I know the #girlgains has impacted on so many people's lives and I'm so excited to help continue that and be part of the journey!