Ambassador Profile: Diana.

Ambassador Profile: Diana - GirlGains Community

Hi lovely People!! My name is Diana! I've been on this fitness journey for life really but committed to it seriously in 2012! I decided I had enough of giving up! So on a random day in October 2012 I decided to do the insanity DVD at home and see it through! It was hard and some days I felt like quitting but I never gave up and I got great results!! I then went on to do many more home workout programs and continued to get great results! I took a leap of faith and decided to become a qualified fitness instructor and PT! I also became a qualified insanity instructor and started teaching classes! Things were going so well!!

Then disaster struck I got sick in 2014 with mould poisoning and this set me back not just in my health but also my business as I couldn’t workout or teach my classes! I have recovered now and have had to start over! I continue pushing and working on my fitness every day, while searching for more of a balanced lifestyle. I'm not where I was but I know I will get there and be even stronger than before!! I want to continue to encourage women to never give up! A healthy lifestyle really doesn't have a destination it definitely a continual journey!

I totally believe in the Girlgains movement!! There is so much influence on social media for young girls and women and it’s not always the best influence!! As a teacher and having worked in schools and college's you can see the way the media and society is focused on looks and body image, there is so much pressure on girls/ women to look a certain way making self-love and self-worth harder to achieve. The Girlgains movement focuses a lot on self-love and female empowerment which I totally believe in!! I believe in trying as hard as you can to love yourself at each stage of life but also doing what you can to become a better person, progress, achieve your goals while helping and encouraging others.

I am inspired by the movement every day and it definitely helps me to push myself to try my hardest achieve my goals.
I have learned a lot about myself and have also met loads likeminded ladies from attending the girlgains events and the most recent event re-lit the fire in me to take up boxing again which I’m loving!

I love what the Girlgains movement is doing at the moment I love the motto Educate, Empower, Inspire!! I love that it is reaching so many girls/women and most importantly I love the fact there’s so much more room for the movement to grow to reach many more. I’m so happy to be a part of this movement and will do my best to continue to help push it forward.

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