Ambassador Profile: Beth.

Ambassador Profile: Beth - GirlGains Community

Hi everyone! I’m Beth, I’m 21 years old and I live in Manchester.

I am so excited to be one of the new #girlgains ambassadors as it means that I can help to spread a message that I am so passionate about- that is, encouraging women to get strong, fit and healthy but also to develop a healthy mindset towards training, nutrition and themselves. As I have a Psychology degree, I am not only passionate about physical health but also mental health – I believe that we should give our minds the same amount of attention as we give our bodies!

However, I haven’t always been this passionate about health and nutrition. In fact, I used to fear food and engage in very self-destructive behaviours that actually damaged my health. I was just 16 when I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and an eating disorder that consumed the next four years of my life. I didn’t care about my health at all- all I cared about was the number on the scales going down and being the skinniest that I could possibly be. Recovery was the hardest experience that I have ever been through, but also the most rewarding and SO worth it. It also made me fall in love with learning about how to FUEL my body properly and how to TRAIN my mind to think differently about myself, my body and my future.

The #girlgains movement helped me an incredible amount throughout recovery. Seeing so many positive messages, inspirational stories and tips for how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle is exactly what we need more of in a world where we are surrounded by crash diets, body shaming and images of the ‘perfect’ physique. Recovery is an ongoing process for me and I still have some way to go, but following the #girlgains movement continuously helps me on my journey towards finding self-love and balance. Every event has left me feeling inspired, motivated and more accepting of myself each time. It also encouraged me to get into weight training, which I absolutely love and is something that has given me a huge amount of confidence! And not to forget the amazing and inspiring girls that I have connected with through #girlgains- you can never have too many fitness-obsessed friends that you can share your tips (and nut butter) with and I have definitely already found some friends for life!

This community we have is truly amazing and I am so excited to be a part of it and spread the message to as many girls as possible. Being able to help, motivate and inspire others is something that we should all be able to do and #girlgains is the perfect place to do it. I can’t wait to connect with as many of you as possible and help to make this community as amazing as it should be!

IG: healthybettsx